Terms & Conditions 

DanniLish Designs will work with your color palette to the best of our ability, but it is important to know that we cannot guarantee matching colors to any subsequent orders a client may place or orders placed in the past. Each dye lot can vary slightly therefore we prefer to dye all flowers from one order at the same time.

Since the majority of the flowers are handmade, no two flowers are exactly the same. DanniLish Designs will make every effort to to create what is defined in each quote, however we reserve the right to make appropriate substitutes if specific flowers or materials are unavailable.

DanniLish Designs only takes orders for a specific number of pieces per month in order to ensure timely delivery of a high quality product, therefore a client’s date is not reserved until the deposit is paid.

Quotes are only valid for 14 -30 days in order to guarantee pricing and to prevent challenges if materials become unavailable or the cost of materials increases.

Deposits are non-refundable. Typically, we begin purchasing supplies immediately to ensure they are readily available for when we begin working on a client’s order. If for some reason the client’s event is canceled, we can use supplies purchased for the order to create other arrangements if the order has not been started yet.

All item counts, colors and designs will be confirmed with the client prior to beginning work on the order to ensure there are no changes.

DanniLish Designs prefers to deliver your items prior to your event (1 month or more) and guarantee delivery 1 week before your event.

If the client chooses to have their items delivered on the day of the event there will be an additional fee included based on the location and time/date of delivery.

Once an order is completed please arrange to pickup within 3 weeks. We ask that you adhere to this policy simply because of storage space. We cannot begin production on other orders if there is a backlog of finished orders that have not been picked up. Any remaining balance is due upon delivery.

If items are being delivered to venue, then the final payment is due 7 days before delivery.

At the time of product receipt/delivery, DanniLish Designs is no longer liable for any damage to the product. Due to the delicate nature of the product, you should ensure they are transported carefully using bubble wrap/packing pillows. Flowers should be stored inside, in an area with low moisture. (i.e. do not store in a bathroom or humid area).

DanniLish Designs reserves the right to contact the client’s professional photographer with the intention of acquiring photographs to be used in promoting DanniLish Designs’ products and services. DanniLish Designs reserves the right to their own pictures during setup in order to be used in promoting DanniLish Designs’ products and services.

DanniLish Designs reserves the right to post photos of our final products and process to our portfolio on instagram and facebook. If the client would like to see their items as they are in work please follow/like our page DanniLish Designs. If the client would like to be tagged in posts related to their order, please provide Facebook or Instagram name.