What are wood flowers?

Wood flowers are made of a soft lightweight wood and are completely handmade from the root of a tropical plant that grows in marshes. There are few uses for this plant as they are generally considered a weed of rice paddies. Once harvested the root is shaved into sheets, some with brown bark from the outside and some as a cream color. These sheets are formed are cut, folded and tied off into a flower. This process is all done by hand.

How long do wood flowers last?

Wood flowers generally last forever and do not die but can be broken if squished or not handled properly.

Do you have a minimum order size?

Yes. For event orders in peak months (May - October) we require an order totaling $500 or more. For non-peak months we require an order totaling $250 or more (November - April). Sometimes there may be an option to have your order completed in a non-peak month in order to take advantage of a lower minimum.

How far in advance should I order my wedding/event flowers?

DanniLish Designs will quote for orders up to 13 months in advance of your wedding or event date. That said, most people order 6 to 9 months in advance and busy months (June-October) can be fully booked 12 months prior. 

How far into my wedding planning process do I need to be in order to book?

It is best to start inquiring with DanniLish Designs for your floral needs once you have set a date and selected a venue. Your venue sets the tone for your wedding so it may drive your theme and color palette which can carry over into floral design. Also it is important for brides and grooms to have their wedding party and approximate guest count decided upon prior to ordering their flowers. These decisions are important in the ordering process to ensure the appropriate amount of bouquets, centerpieces, etc are created.

How do wood flowers compare in price to fresh flowers?

It is hard to compare pricing between fresh flowers and wood flowers because there is no seasonality of wood flowers as there is with fresh flowers. Regardless of the time of year, wood flowers will be relatively the same price. Wood flowers are versatile in color and season so our customers have much more flexibility in ordering their dream florals. Our prices vary based on design and size. Bridal bouquets typically average around $150 and bridesmaid bouquets average around $75. Centerpieces start at $37 and go up depending on size, container and details.

Do you offer consultations?

Yes, consultations for weddings and event orders can be scheduled to review design and color options. The first consultation is free. Consultations typically take place at our home studio but can be arranged to meet elsewhere if necessary. Any subsequent consultations will add $40 to the final invoice.

How long are quotes valid for?

Quotes are generally valid for 14 days in order to guarantee pricing and to prevent challenges if materials become unavailable or the cost of materials increases. If 14 days have passed since your quote DanniLish Designs reserves the right to re quote.

What color flowers do you offer?

Wood flowers can generally be dyed any color. DanniLish Designs offers 60 standard colors that can be seen on the color palette. Custom colors can be created upon request and with a fabric swatch.

How much do flowers vary?

No two flowers are exactly the same since the majority of the flowers are handmade. Also, each dye lot can vary slightly therefore it is better to place your entire order at the same time so that all flowers are dyed at the same time. Please note, each flower type takes to dyeing slightly differently therefore there may some slight variation.

Can I pick my specific flowers?

Flowers choices can be suggested, however clients will be advised on which flowers will work together well. Due to the varying availability of each flower type DanniLish Designs reserved the right to substitute for similar flower designs if specific flowers become unavailable.

Can you match a specific bouquet or floral arrangement found on Pinterest or another website?

DanniLish Designs will not copy a specific floral arrangement or bouquet from another florist as we prefer to take inspiration from different elements the client likes and design our own products. We prefer to design based on your theme, color palette, venue, dress or other elements of your event!

Where can DanniLish products be seen?

Currently DanniLish Designs does not have a storefront, but we do offer consultations by appointment.  There is a DanniLish bouquet located at ThistleRose Bridal in Mansfield, MA that can be seen while brides and bridal party shop for their dresses. There are also a few DanniLish Designs arrangements located at The Cake Diner in Raynham, MA. Stop in for a peak and a treat!

What types of payment do you accept?

DanniLish Designs accepts VISA, MasterCard, Cash and Venmo.