Why we think Wood Flowers are so awesome...

  • First off Wood Flowers don’t die…. they last forever or as long as you treat them with kindness.

    Wood flowers will stay beautiful and fresh look throughout your entire wedding day and beyond. When you come back from your honeymoon, your bouquet will still be as you left it. Unlike fresh flowers, wood flowers stand the test of time. They are just as delicate as fresh floral so should still be handled with care, but no need for drying or preserving in a shadow box. Your bouquet can be simply be placed in a vase on your dining room table or mantle and be enjoyed for years to come. Many couples also opt to give out their centerpieces to a special guest or through a game during the wedding. This allows a guest from each table to bring home a keepsake from your wedding day as well!

  • They can be delivered well in advance of your wedding or on your wedding day

  • During you consultation we will discuss delivery date. Some brides choose to have their wood flowers delivered on their wedding day to their venue. However you have the option of picking up your flowers well in advance of your wedding. DanniLish Designs typically completes your floral order 1-3 months prior to your wedding date so you have the chance to see them before your big day. Even if your flowers are delivered to the venue you can opt to see them in person beforehand at a preview meeting! This allows brides and grooms one less item to worry on the big day, one less delivery to stress over because you will have already picked them up or seen them in person!

  • Seasonality of flowers does not exist with wood flowers

    Wood flowers don’t have any seasonality issues like you may find with fresh florals. Perhaps you dream to have sunflowers at your wedding, but they are out of season so they are much more expensive than you expected. Any type of wood flowers can be made for any season so there is no need to worry about that! If you have specific flower requests, make sure to discuss this during your consultation since we don’t always have all types of flowers on hand. We currently offer over 30 types of wood flowers, but are always adding new ones!

  • Wood flowers are non-allergenic

    This is the main reason I first found wood flowers! I’m allergic to fresh flowers and was looking for an alternative, when I came across wood flowers! They are great for allergy suffers or those with a strong sense of smell like myself! However we can always add some essential oils to your bouquet if you want them to have some scent!

  • Wood flowers can be dyed any color!

    Have you always imagined a bouquet of blue flowers on your wedding day? You are in luck because we can dye wood flowers any color! Navy blue, Gold, Silver, Black, Grey flower? no problem! Check out our standard color palette. We have about 60 standard colors, but can also create custom colors based off your color palette!

  • Change in weather?

    No Problem! If your day ends up much more hot or cold than expected there is no need to worry about your wood flowers as they can resist the heat and cold during your wedding day. We do suggest storing your wood flowers in a NON humid environment for best longevity, but during your wedding day they will be able to withstand the heat!

  • Investment

    Since you will be able to enjoy your wood flowers for years to come, they are worth what you are spending on them. We don’t keep too much of a tab on the pricing of fresh florals, but we feel that our prices are in line with the market and stress that these are items you will be able to enjoy long after or even resell!

If you are ready to include wood flowers in your wedding day, contact us to get your order started.